About Us
About Us
The Chemical Industry Zhonghao Chenguang Research Institute (Chenguang R.I.C.I) is a tertiary subsidiary of the China Haohua Chemical (Group) Corp that was established in 1965,and then moved

to Sichuan. In 1999, it was made into a technology business and an important Chinese R & D and production base for polymer composite materials. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of ChemChina, with around 3,000 employees. It has total assets of 2.3 billion yuan and an AAA credit rating.

PVC hardboard Quality system: ISO9001:2000 Applications: can be u
Organosilicon resin Type: 1053、GZD-1-330、GZD-1-530、HG-43、941、955、9
Fluororesin FH23A Packaging: PE bags, stored in cardboard boxes.
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